XRD Graphite invited safety auditors training Health& Safety

Incidents can happen anywhere, from office site to factory floor. They can happen to anyone, from employees or visitors. Safety In an effort to improve workplace safety, XRD Graphite invited safety auditors from Baofeng Safety Training Center to gave us an enhanced version Health& Safety training course. During the training course, the auditors encourage our…

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XRD Graphite

XRD Graphite Successfully Authorized by ISO14001 Certificate

We’re proud to announce that we have passed our ISO audit and have been awarded the ISO 14001 & GB-T 24001 certificates for quality, environmental management system. In this age in which a company’s consideration of the environment is one of the selection standards for customers when purchasing products. Pollution prevention, energy efficiency, eco-friendly design,…

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Graphite material

Graphite material demand analysis

Graphite material is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance and is one of the key industries for the development of strategic emerging industries in China. China’s graphite material resources are abundant, widely distributed, and the grades are large. The domestic graphite material deep processing industry is mainly distributed in the eastern region and has…

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Graphite crucible

Research on Manual Polishing Isotropic Graphite

Isotropic graphite is a kind of new carbon material formed by isostatic pressing forming and has performances of high purity, high strength and high volume density, which is widely used in fields of edm, nuclear industry, electronic industry and moulds, etc, and has broad application prospect. With its good physical and chemical properties, isotropic graphite…

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