Graphite materials

The improved anti-oxidation property of graphite materials dealt with the water-soluble impregnant

Abstract: The paper evaluates the effects of phosphorylation series antioxidants through the post-impregnation of graphite materials treated with soluble antioxidative impregnants made from water-soluble Al(H2PO4)3, Mg(H2PO4)2, boric acid and sodium hexametaphosphate. It is shown that the initial oxidation temperature of graphite materials dealt with the water-soluble impregnant rise from 400 ℃ to 500 ℃, and…

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Graphite Materials

Application of Carbon-Graphite Materials in Mechanical Seal and Anti-corrosion Equipments

Abstract: In recent years, the graphite anticorrosion equipment has been applied to the production of hydrofluoric acid in chlor-alkali, phosphate, phosphate fertilizer and fluorine chemical industries. At present, main graphite equipments include: graphite heat exchanger, graphite condenser, steel lining graphite reaction kettle, steel lining graphite reaction tank, concentrator, reaction tower, packed tower and phosphoric acid…

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Graphite Machining

Graphite cutting machining process

Traditional machining methods for graphite materials include turning, milling, grinding, sawing, etc., but they can only achieve the processing of graphite parts with simple shapes and low precision. With the rapid development and application of graphite high-speed machining centers, cutting tools and related supporting technologies, these traditional processing methods have been gradually replaced by high-speed…

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Graphite Ring

Optimization of turning process for graphite ring

Graphite has excellent self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low friction coefficient and expansion coefficient, etc. It is often used as a mechanical seal friction pair material. In the machining process of the graphite ring turning, there are frequent chipping, resulting in unsatisfactory product appearance inspection and sealing performance inspection, high product rejection rate and high…

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Graphite mold

Application of graphite material in horizontal continuous casting

Horizontal continuous casting refers to the type of continuous steel casting in which the molten steel is poured horizontally into a horizontally placed crystallizer, and the solidification process of the billet and movement in the caster until it reaches the horizontal state of the cooling bed. This method can simplify the process, improve production efficiency,…

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Graphite Product

Oxidation resistance of graphite materials

It is well known that in the manufacturing process of graphite products, the pyrolysis and condensation of organic carbonaceous materials make the artificial graphite material porous, and the general porosity is about 20% to 30%. Most of these are open pores, which lead to an increase in the diffusion rate and diffusion depth of the…

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