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Graphite Machining

Graphite Machining Service

Machined Graphite Parts

As a graphite manufacturer and graphite machining company with more than 25 years experience's experts team, XRD Graphite is your best choice for graphite machining company. We provide precision machining service of graphite and carbon. such as boats, crucibles, continuous casting dies, fixtures, heating elements, blocks, rods, plates, rings, sheets and other graphite parts or products.

We are facilitated to machine most graphite shapes and sizes to meet your different requirements.We understand quality, cost control and precision result are key requirements for our customers . Therefore, XRD graphite will do our best to deliver quality carbon & graphite products and offer the best service. Our highly skilled machinists will make sure your products can be accurately machined. Our graphite production lines ensure stable supply and quality control all the way.

We do our best to provide you with good service!

Why Choose Us

XRD Graphite has the ability to produce high quality and stable graphite products in large quantities and is capable of machining and fabricating graphite and carbon-graphite parts of practically any size.


We are a graphite manufacturer with our own production line and own facilities to machine required products.

Quality Control

XRD believes, Quality is not built in a day. To guarantee that we maintain the high standards that our customer set, our quality control staff is inspected parts and keep records for every batch for every order. To keep the knowledge up to date, our staff attend training on monthly basis. In order to maintain reproducibility, we have standard process documents on every graphite parts we’ve produced.


No need to worry about being lost in translation. We speak fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. If you have any urgent part/component requests, you can either contact us directly by phone or if you prefer email.


XRD Graphite has CAD software that can accept a wide range of CAD files. We can convert your files in CAM and input it into the CNC machine. We are able to machine graphite parts upto Tolerance+/- 0.02mm.

Certified Engineers

We have experts with over 25 years experience in the graphite/carbon industry. We’ve also utilize our CAD designers and qualified technicians with years of graphite experience to produce consistent graphite products to meet your needs.


We are also able to import your 3D files into SolidWorks for design validation. Prototypes and samples can be provided to confirm design and details prior to mass production.

Inspection & Quality Control

XRD Graphite is certified by ISO9001:2015, Our graphite products are tested in accordance with international, national and industrial standards. The equipment has a three coordinate measuring instrument with precision of up to 0.005mm, bending resistance, compression resistance, and Shaoshi hardness testing instruments.

The company actively constructs the enterprise quality management system, and carries out the perfect quality inspection. It has four functions: gatekeeping, prevention, reporting and improvement. Commonly used testing standards are as follows:

  • Size check: according to customer drawing requirements or national standard tolerance value table.
  • Shore hardness test.
  • Flexural strength test.
  • Quantity.
  • Packing.
  • Weight.
  • Assembly.
Inspection & Quality Control

Equipment & Facilities

Graphite Inventory

Inspection & Quality Control

We are a graphite manufacturer with own production line and own facilities. Our graphite materials have an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons.

We do our best to provide you with good service!

Look for graphite machining company? As a professional supplier, we have more than 25 years of experience in the development, production and processing of the graphite industry and more than 100 skilled engineers, from the research and development of graphite materials to the precision processing of graphite parts, as well as the graphitization and purification of related products, our high quality technical team can provide you with professional solutions. Based on the core values of “Teamwork,Responsibility,Integrity,Execution,Passion”, the company will provide you with high quality and stable graphite products.

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