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Molded Graphite

PLEASE NOTE: All the material are high purity graphite and fine-grain, as a graphite manufacturer who can provide stable supply for big customer, we have uniform shaped graphite rods and graphite blocks in stock all the time.

The molding method is to load a certain amount of paste into a mold having a desired shape and size and then press it from the upper or lower portion. Sometimes, a certain pressure is applied to the paste from both the upper and lower directions, so that the paste is compressed and formed in the mold. The pressed semi-finished product is then inspected by demoulding cooling. Then pile it up. Molding equipment has vertical presses and horizontal presses. Molding method generally only presses one product at a time, and the production efficiency is relatively low. But it can make products that cannot be made by some extrusion methods. Molded graphite has a wide range of properties in terms of mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, density, hardness, electrical conductivity, etc., and can be further improved by impregnating a resin or a metal.

XRD's molded graphite products demonstrate advantages over industry standard products, indcluding:

  • Strong Thermal Stability,
  • Low Expansion Ratio,
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance,
  • Self-lubricating,
  • High purity,
  • Excellent thermal shock properties,
  • High temperature and oxidation resistance,
  • Good anti-corrosion,
  • Excellent Electrical Conductivity and Thermal Conductivity,
  • Good Machinability.

Click Graphite Materials to select the appropriate grade for you.

XRD Graphite Grades Applications Bulk Density Electrical Resistivity Hardness Flexural Strength Compressive Strength Porosity Ash Content Ash Content(Purified) Average Grain Size
g/cm3 μΩm HSD Mpa Mpa % PPM PPM μm
xrd-4w General Purpose 1.75 8-11 42 38 65 17 500 50 13-15
xrd-5w General Purpose 1.85 8-10 48 46 85 13 500 50 13-15
xrd-5r EDM 1.68 13 51 38 86 18 500 50 13-15
xrd-10w EDM,Photovoltaic 1.76 12-14 56 41 85 16 500 50 12
xrd-20b Bearing 1.45-1.53 11-15 32 16 28 23 1000 50 15
xrd-30b General Purpose 1.68 11-14 38 25 48 20 1000 50 15
xrd-40b General Purpose 1.8 7-12 42 38 72 17 900 50 15
xrd-50b General Purpose 1.84 7-12 50 45 86 13 900 50 15
xrd-20h Lubrication 1.55 11-15 30 16 28 23 1000 50 15
xrd-40d EDM 1.68 12-16 50 40 82 18 1000 50 11
xrd-50d EDM 1.78 12-16 55 45 88 13 900 50 11
1. The figures above are typical values, and to be considered minimum or maximum.
2. Unit conversion: μΩ•m=μΩ•cm×0.01 MPa=kgf/cm2×0.098 GPa=kgf/mm2×0.0098 W/(m•K)=kcal/h•m℃×1.16
3. There are other product sizes in addition to those described above. Contact XRD Graphite for more details.

Molded graphite is widely used in aerospace, solar photovoltaic and semiconductor, continuous casting, hard alloy and electronic mold sintering, EDM, glass, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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We are a graphite manufacturer with our own production line and own facilities. Our graphite materials have an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons.

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Look for graphite material suppliers? As a professional supplier, we have more than 25 years of experience in the development, production and processing of the graphite industry and more than 100 skilled engineers, from the research and development of graphite materials to the precision processing of graphite parts, as well as the graphitization and purification of related products, our high quality technical team can provide you with professional solutions. Based on the core values of “Teamwork,Responsibility,Integrity,Execution,Passion”, the company will provide you with high quality and stable graphite products.

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