• Consistency
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Stability
  • Mass Production
  • On-time Delivery
  • Tracking Your Products
  • Serial Production of
    Graphite Components

    Our highly skilled machinists with our extensive variety of designs and tooling, will offer you unlimited options for designing and manufacturing your graphite components.
  • Assuring you of our
    stable supply

    Our mission is to provide you with superior products coupled with our on-time delivery and support for your needs.
  • The Best Services Provider

    We provide our customers with reliable service by treating each customer individually and in the
    shortest delivery period as possible

Consistency, Stability, On-Time Delivery.
This is XRD

XRD Graphite
From our manufacturing facilities in China, XRD Graphite are able to offer customers high levels of service and technical support for carbon and graphite components on a global basis. As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company we are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable, quality batch produced products.






Why Choose XRD Graphite

Any company can purchase equipment, but the experience, knowledge and attitude of our people involved are what make us stand out.

We have experts with over 25 years experience in the graphite/carbon industry. We’ve also utilize our CAD designers and qualified technicians with years of graphite experience to produce consistent graphite products to meet your needs.

  • Independence
  • Communication
  • Certified Engineers
  • Quality Control
  • Precision
  • CAD/CAM Team

Our Latest News

Thank you for visiting XRD Graphite’s Booth at 125th Canton Fair 2019

Thank you for visiting XRD Graphite’s Booth at 125th Canton Fair 2019

Dear Valued XRD Graphite Visitor:We would like to thank you for taking time to visit our booth at the 125th Canton Fair 2019, held at Guangzhou, China, from April 23th to 27th. This was our first participation at the Canton Fair. We hope that the show was as successful for you as it was for us. It was our pleasure to show our latest NewCarbo range carbon cookware and meet you at our booth.We...
Graphite material demand analysis

Graphite material demand analysis

Graphite material is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance and is one of the key industries for the development of strategic emerging industries in China. China's graphite material resources are abundant, widely distributed, and the grades are large. The domestic graphite material deep processing industry is mainly distributed in the eastern region and has an industrial sca...
Research on Manual Polishing Isotropic Graphite

Research on Manual Polishing Isotropic Graphite

Isotropic graphite is a kind of new carbon material formed by isostatic pressing forming and has performances of high purity, high strength and high volume density, which  is  widely  used  in  fields  of  edm,  nuclear  industry,  electronic  industry  and moulds, etc, and has broad application prospect. With its good physical and chemic...

Our Clients

We have been successfully provide graphite product solutions to dozens of countries.